Michael Jackson’s Neverland Selling For $100 Million

American news talk show Today has revealed that Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is for sale.

Known as Sycamore Valley Ranch, the property was initially purchased by Jackson in 1987 for $19.5 million. Limited by his own troubled imagination Jackson spent a personal fortune attempting to turn the property into a Peter Pan-inspired amusement park. In its heyday, the king of pop’s bizarre personal estate featured numerous rides including a Ferris wheel, pirate ship and rollercoaster.

Jackson vacated the home after the charges of alleged sexual molestation began to surface in 2005. The ranch was closed in 2006 due to Jackson’s financial difficulties and was ultimately sold in 2008, before Jackson’s untimely death in 2009.

While many of the ranch’s amusements have been stripped away, the property still contains a six bedroom mansion and four square of miles of sprawling terrain. The estate also retains some of its more outlandish features, including a 50-seat cinema, a giant clock made of flowers, a single llama and Jackson’s own personal railroad track.

Investment firm Colony Capital purchased the property for $22.5 million before Jackson’s death in 2009. They are now asking for $100 million. Inflation + nostalgia, yo.