Mac DeMarco Reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Canadian artist Mac DeMarco has made what may be his first foray into the world of film criticism.

Seated comfortably in his home studio the indie prankster recorded a three-minute reflection on the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Employing a rapidly accelerated abridgement of the iconic Cantina Theme, the video commences with the franchise’s iconic opening crawl.

Producing crumpled tickets as evidence, DeMarco reveals that he had the pleasure of seeing the movie twice in rapid succession at both 1.30 am and 10 am sessions.

The artists also courteously noted that the review would be spoiler-free.

Revealing ‘he’s back’, the remainder of the video switches to a succession of images of the much loathed character Jar Jar Binks set to John Williams’ iconic Duel of the Fates theme.

DeMarco’s imagination seems to have been captivated by two images in particular. Firstly, a fan-made image of the Jar Jar dressed in Sith robes, perhaps suggesting DeMarco’s fondness of a viral Reddit theory that the character was in fact the arch-villain of the prequel trilogy. Secondly is another fan-made image, of the Gungan in sexual congress with Natalie Portman’s Padme Amidala.

Howl & Echoes has put together our own speculative piece about Star Wars, including musical spoilers and addressing the two biggest questions in The Force Awakens. Spoiler alert, read at your own risk.

Mac DeMarco will be in town at the end of this month to perform at Falls and Southbound festivals, alongside two headline tour dates:

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