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LISTEN: Lucianblomkamp, “Comfort”

We’re big fans of Melbourne-based electronic artist Lucianblomkamp, and it brings me great pleasure to share his new music every time it comes out. Remarkably (and refreshingly) difficult to describe and pin down, his music is immersive and immaculate on every level.

His music is already quite dark, but there’s something more devilish about Comfort than what we’ve seen on recent tracks like From Afar. Anchored by a deep, heavy beat and a shuffling rhythm, it almost feels like a techno track that’s been slowed down.

It’s almost impossible to discern the lyrics, and Lucian’s breathy vocals act as an instrumental layer more than anything else.

Comfort indicates the kind of progression we can look forward to on Lucian’s upcoming album Bad Faith. It’s really ominous, even gloomy, and I love everything about it. On the mysterious album name, Lucian recently explained to us in an interview that, “It’s pretty much about lying to yourself to make yourself believe you can’t achieve more in life. I sometimes convince myself that I AM a musician and this is what I am on this world to do, but by doing that I am kind of limiting my own possibilities in life.”

Lucianblomkamp is set to release Bad Faith in early 2016 via Good Manners.

Originally written on Indie Shuffle.