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LISTEN: Kehlani Releases New Single ‘Did I’

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Kehlani has dropped new a track following the release of her debut mixtape You Should Be Here.

Though we dealt with heartbreaking themes through this mixtape, Did I portrays them with a bit more attitude. Her confidence glows as she refuses to apologise for standing up for herself. The strong R&B beat hooks the listener in, while the bold lyrics convince them to press repeat. Whether it’s about a lost lover or a bitchy friend, it’s a must hear for anyone who has been left broken by someone who doesn’t deserve to hear them cry.

“You can tell me you ain’t mean it// You can tell me it’s deceiving//That you said it for the reason // But you seeming like you tryna get out”, she croons, breaking down her movement through the heartbreaking situation. It makes you see just how weak the people who cause the problems really are. Getting defensive when they see you hit back, it all becomes “too real for [them] to handle.” With lyrics like that, you wouldn’t want to be on the other end of the situation.

The self-assurance she displays is both admirable and empowering. Relatable and emotive, it’s a source of strength for any listener who has felt the same way.

This track alone makes it easy to see why the upcoming artist has already been nominated for a Grammy, although she wasn’t expecting it so soon.

You Should Be Here is available here via Atlantic.