Lil’ Kim Shares New Track, Readies Album for 2016

A woman who needs no introduction, Lil’ Kim, has some good news for her fans. Not only has she released a new track straight to her SoundCloud, she has also confirmed in an interview the day before that there is indeed an album in the works for 2016.

In typical Lil’ Kim fashion, the track is called That Bitch, and features some typical Lil’ Kim lyrics. The original bad bitch, Lil’ Kim flaunts her sexuality and has never once compromised her artistic vision. Now, she’s reminding everyone – just in case they forgot.

That Bitch is a remix of Omarion‘s I’m Up, but Lil’ Kim makes it entirely her own in just over 2 minutes. With lyrics like “Every freakin’ night/ Every freakin’ day/ I want to fuck and get paid/ In every freakin’ way,” she sings and raps like she’s back on form, and sounds as headstrong and powerful as ever.

In an interview with Hot 97, before taking to the stage with Busta Rhymes for his “Hot For The Holidays” show in New Jersey, Kim gave some much sought after comments on a new album as well. Given her last official release was back in 2005, it’s safe to say fans are rather thirsty for some fresh Kim cuts.

“I’m working on a new album for next year,” She said. “I put up a post not too long ago. I was at my old record label, so maybe. I’ve got a couple tours that I’mma be a part of. Just watch and wait.”

Watch and wait, indeed. Until then, wrap your ears around That Bitch and enjoy that sudden burst of confidence that automatically comes with listening to a Lil’ Kim track.