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Lenny Kravitz Accused Of Illegal Dentistry

Fresh from #Penisgate, Lenny Kravitz has gotten into the headlines once again. This time it is over his connection to illegal dentistry in the Bahamas. Kravitz lives on the island, where he even has his own recording studio set up there. His tenth and latest studio album entitled Strut was recoded there in 2014.

The 90’s rocker reportedly sponsored the dentistry that was raided after it did not have the correct permits to operate in the country.

“On Saturday the Police received a report that there was a group of persons operating an illegal clinic… Officers visited the location along with Immigration officers. While there they spoke with Mr. Lenny Kravitz, who reported that he was hosting the free clinic,” the local police report noted.

When pressed by the local police however, he failed to provide them with documents that were sufficient. The clinic was subsequently issued with a breach and Kravitz was ordered to shut the place down until the authorised documentation was given.

It is a truly bizarre tale, and comes in the wake of the media maelstrom that followed his wardrobe malfunction while in concert. The leather pants shredder has kept out of the spotlight after his very public exposure in Sweden. During the gig in Stockholm he famously got a bit too carried away and ripped his pants during a guitar solo, revealing his pierced genitals for all to see.

Relive Kravitz in his pre-dental, pre-pant splitting glory days here: