Have At The Drive-In Reunited?

After three long years, it looks like At The Drive-In will again be reuniting.

The band has been announced on the bill for Ohio festival Rock on the Range for May next year, signalling that their 3 year hiatus from the stage has reached its conclusion.

The band last graced the stage back at Coachella 2012, a performance remembered for guitarist Omar Rodriguez’s distinct lack of enthusiasm.

Despite the good news for punk and hardcore fans, it seems like the band firstly need to sort out whether or not they will really make an appearance.

Although the band appear on the poster for the bill, guitarist Jim Ward told the El Paso Times that he could neither confirm nor deny whether ATDI would in fact be appearing at the festival.

Rock on the Range X

In an interview weeks before the lineup announcement, Ward was adamant that a reunion tour was not on the cards, and that he is focusing is energy into the upcoming EP of side project Sleepcar.

Omar Rodriguez has not ruled out the possibility of another reunion in the past, stating to Rolling Stone in 2013 that, “we don’t talk about it that way. It’s there; we have possibilities. Everybody’s doing something right now. Cedric has a record coming out; Tony and Jim in Sparta are doing stuff. We’re just trying to feel again when the moment opens up where nothing is forced and nothing is an obligation.” Fingers crossed this is not a false alarm.

Other bands confirmed for Rock on the Range 2016 include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed and Bring Me The Horizon. View all the details here.

The band’s three studio albums, Acrobatic Tenement, In/Casino/Out and Relationship of Command are all considered hallmarks of the genre, with Relationship of Command revered as a turning point in the trajectory of post-hardcore.