Freddie Gibbs discusses comparisons to Tupac

It can’t be easy being compared to arguably the greatest and most influential rapper of all time, Tupac Shakur. For rappers such as the Indiana native Freddie Gibbsthese musical comparisons are becoming more and more prevalent, and undoubtedly have an effect.

Speaking to hiphopdx, Freddie Gibbs revealed that he tries to drown out the comparisons as best as he possibly can; a sentiment you can hardly blame him for.

I try not to compare myself to Tupac whatsoever. “I think Tupac’s the greatest of all time. I don’t even—When people say my name next to his, I just be like ‘Ooo.’ That put a lot of pressure on you.”

Like many of his fellow rappers, including Compton figurehead Kendrick LamarGibbs revealed his shock that Tupac himself was left out of several high profile lists of the greatest rappers of all time.

I saw Tupac got left out of some Top 10 lists. That was crazy. Earlier this year. That was wild.”

Gibbs was quick to point out that although he does not aim to emulate Tupac musically, he has studied the rise of New York heavyweight 50 Cent, finding inspiration in his music.

I definitely studied 50 Cent. His whole come-up. He was definitely one of the rappers I looked up to when I started rapping. Both of those guys made they mark.”

Although downplaying his own musical catalogue and influence compared to some of the all time greats, Gibbs noted that he definitely senses intimidation from other rappers.

I think that my whole aura just intimidates a lot of rappers…As far as the controversy with me, I think that I’m just one of the most feared niggas in the game.”

Although Gibbs might dismiss comparisons with Pac and 50, you have to admit that he certainly has the attitude, ego, and confidence required to make in the upper echelons of the rap game.

Freddie Gibbs has also recently announced his upcoming Australian tour:

Tour Dates:

Thursday 10th March
Perth – Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Friday 11th March
Sydney – Manning Bar

Saturday 12th March
Melbourne – Max Watt’s

Sunday 13th March
Meredith – Golden Plains Festival