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EP PREMIERE: The Meeting Tree, ‘Life Is Long: Slow Down!’

We are really excited to be premiering the brand new EP from Sydney musicians and holistic retreat managers, The Meeting Tree, aka Joyride and Raph Lauren (Jackie Onassis/One Day).

Life is Long: Slow Down! is so much more than just a record; it’s a way of life.

The five-track offering stars the soothing single I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself), featuring the gorgeous vocals of Spiderbait‘s Janet English. The track’s accompanying video clip provided the pair with an opportunity to show off their very own Meeting Tree Alternative Wellness Retreat; witness them unwind as they enjoy a spot of fishing, some casual canoeing, carefree cycles through idyllic forestlands, enjoy deep tissue massages, dine on gourmet delicacies, and even a little lakeside yoga. Observe:

The release marks the end to a brilliant year for The Meeting Tree, who not only lay claim to inventing an entire genre – Australian Dance Music (ADM), but were nominated for a “Best Urban Album” ARIA for their debut release r u a cop

Life is Long: Slow Down! was conceived at the Alternative Wellness Retreat, as seen in the above music video/promotional advert. Spanning six tracks and sixteen minutes, every single song is entirely different, and entirely wonderful. So crack open a cold one, and float away with the sweet beats and velvety smooth melodies. Following the opener and aforementioned single, title track Life Is Long: Slow Down! marries piano chords with funky synths, building up to the 80-second mid-set banger, the hilariously titled Sometimes I Wear All White And Think, And Sometimes I Wear All Whitebefore plunging into the deep, crunchy bass and rave-cave synths of My Prince, Prince George (my personal favourite on the EP). Never Going Home is the most invigorating of the lot; a sublime antidote to its hard-hitting predecessor. We finally arrive at First Place Pt. 3, a feel-good track about easygoing, no-strings sex, with an earworm chorus and a bedroom-ready beat.

In addition to the music, the pair have graciously bestowed their new philosophies upon us. We recommend repeating these mantras as you listen.

“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Don’t feel bad about mainly just looking at your phone.”
“Life is long.” Says Raph. “Just because I’m good at it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.”
“Life is long.” Says Joyride. “Repeat simple phrases to achieve gravitas.”
“Life is long.” Says Raph. “Shane Warne wrote his name on this tracksuit.”

So without further ado, turn on, tune in, drop out, and enjoy:

If you’d like to experience The Meeting Tree in the flesh, head down to Falls Festival in Lorne across New Years. 

Life Is Long: Slow Down! is available now. Stream above, and purchase right here