Chance The Rapper Makes History On SNL

Chance The Rapper became the first independent artist to feature on SNL over the weekend. With Chris Hemsworth as the host of the night, Chance dominated the stage with performances of Somewhere In Paradise and Sunday Candy.

You’d think he had performed on that stage before from the way he strolled and danced across it, but no, it was his SNL debut. As Somewhere In Paradise began, the lighting and music cues followed his every move. He let his rapping skills flow, glowing with power. His back-up singers and band The Social Experiment stood behind him, clapping and loving every minute of the performance. He danced, and he danced some more, clearly not caring about the international audience of millions watching him. He invited Jeremih on stage for the final minute of the song, giving another texture to the performance, moving to the music along with Chance. Chance then broke out into an epic dance break before the song ended and the audience erupted in applause and cheers.

He returned later for his second performance of the night, Sunday Candy. It’s always exciting to see independent artists with this kind of opportunity, and we can only hope for more in future.

Next week, Bruce Springsteen will be back on SNL with The E Street Band.