Amazon Sold A Shit Tonne Of Turntables This Christmas

It’s really interesting, and meaningful in some ways, that throughout the countless resurgences of retro style, products, fashion and music, vinyl seems to have made a true comeback beyond any fad or gimmick. Last year saw the highest vinyl sales in decades (largely thanks to Jack White‘s album Lazaretto and label Third Man Records), and we’re seeing endless vinyl marketing for new music, grocery stores stocking your fave wax, Record Store Day growing bigger each year and so much more.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that online retail giant Amazon sold more turntables than any other audio product through the entire 2015 holiday period. The news follows the recent story that HMV was selling one turntable every minute before Christmas. Vinyl is back and it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

The top product itself is the Jensen JTA-230, a stereo turntable with three speeds, a USB port and internal speakers. Priced at just below $50, it’s an easy and affordable basic turntable, which, as FACT reports, goes so far as feature pitch control, tone adjustment and the ability to play 78s (with a separate cartridge), making it a great option for an affordable, beginners turntable.

Amazon’s other best sellers included another vintage item – a Fujifilm Instax film camera – as well as a the GoPro Hero 4, and a Yamaha receiver which streams music from iPhones and tablets.