The Action Bronson x Ghostface Killah beef has inspired a video game

Remember that one beef between Action Bronson and Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah? You know, the one where Action Bronson dissed Ghostface on national television, and Ghostface retaliated by saying he would gut Bronson like a pig? It’s been a minute, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting. But never fear, now you can relive it over and over again- as it’s been immortalised into a video game.

An online developer called Swamp Penguins created the game which pits the two against each other in a Nintendo-esque, arcade platform. If their name sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the same team that are responsible for the Drake vs Meek Mill game back in August. In this game, you play as Bronson, who is being chased by Ghost’s head. You also need to dodge literal ghosts, while collecting ‘points’ in the form of the Twitter logo. It’s also soundtracked by an 8-bit version of Bronson’s acclaimed single, Actin’ Crazy. 

“The wonderful adventures of BronBron and the 36 chambers,” the game description reads, “Ghosts and ghouls and drugs and rap. Is the Wu Tang Clan something to fuck with? Will Mr.Fabulous escape the clutches of the evil face that also happens to be a ghost? How hard will ghostface grab his nuts? What about the wu tang affiliates? Will killah beez come for dem kneez? Find out next time on whats beef.”

You can play the game here, and ultimately try to escape Ghostface Killah yourself.

Action Bronson will be hitting our shores early next year in celebration of his brilliant 2015 album Mr. Wonderful. You can read our review of the LP here.

Tour Dates

Monday March 7: Villa Nightclub, Perth
Thurs March 10: The Met, Brisbane
Sunday March 13: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tues March 15: The Forum, Melbourne

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