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16 Sydney Venues Became Exempt From Lockout Laws – For a Price

As the pointless lockout laws placed on areas of Sydney’s nightlife precincts continue to ruin businesses, venues, livelihoods and the general nightlife scene that is so important to so many people, it seems the NSW Government is slowly becoming open to change. Or at least, “change” on their terms.

It has now come to light that sixteen venues across the CBD and Kings Cross districts have been exempt from the lockout regulations, by trading the sale of alcohol after 1:30am for their “freedom”. Only venues that have conditions that “will be more effective in reducing the risk of alcohol-related violence in or about the declared premises concerned” according to The Liquor Act. Current laws state that patrons can’t enter a venue after 1.30am, with a blanket ban of alcohol sales after 3am.

Here’s the best part though. The other condition the venue must follow is that “no entertainment is to be provided during the lockout period (other than gaming [poker machines] or background entertainment).” In other words: please, do not have that 2am beer, but please continue gambling. In fact, let’s just take everything away EXCEPT for the gambling. Good job team, way to go government. Oh, and don’t worry about that violence happening in the other Sydney suburbs, either.

Albion Place, V Bar, Triple 8 Bar, The Criterion Hotel and Scruffy Murphy’s are the venues of choice in the CBD, whilst Kings Cross venues the Bourbon and the Vegas Hotel have also been granted exceptions. Anything for a buck, right guys?

The state government is planning a review of the laws in February, and even though it is bleedingly obvious how terrible these nanny state measures are, it’s shady deals like these that make us, the regular folk of the world, skeptical that we can trust those who can make the change.

Watch this space for more updates including the recently announced dooming plans for Queensland, and until then, try not to explode with frustration. We’re right beside you.