Watch: Puff Daddy is the best producer in the world.

Never one for subtleties, New York’s own Sean Combs, A.K.A Puff Daddy has no problem when it comes to self esteem.

In an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning to celebrate the release of his free birthday mix tape MMM, a prequel to his final album No Way Out 2, Puff decided to give himself a pat on the back when it came to discussing producing.

“I am the best. As far as producer, I have sold the most records. And when you back on that music game you have to let it be known just to make sure that we are clear…. when I’m behind that board its serious business.”

It’s a serious claim from P.Diddy, which is not exactly helped by the fact that his last LP, 2010’s Last Train to Paris, was his lowest seller to date, amassing 270,000 copies in its first year of release in the United States. Compared with contemporaries such as Kanye (327,000 copies of Yeezus in its first week) and more recently Kendrick Lamar (324,000 for To Pimp a Butterfly), MMM has some serious work to do.

The rapper went on to talk about the NYC hip-hop scene, remarking how when it came to the question of any artists doing anything special; “I don’t know enough information. I can’t say I feel that at the gate…for this level of courage that it has to take. You can’t be rocking with what’s just rocking… you gotta be able to last forever.”      

Cop that New York. The world’s best producer isn’t impressed. Watch below.