M.I.A.'s fourth album, Matangi, is out now.

WATCH: M.I.A.’s ‘Borders’ Shines a Harsh Spotlight on the Refugee Crisis

M.I.A. has released the next part of her new audio-video project Matahdatah. No stranger to releasing politically-fueled tracks (read our feature on her 2007 record, Kala), her latest single, Borders, shines a harsh light on the refugee crisis and asks the questions we perhaps don’t want to answer. Having been released a few weeks ago, the track has been making waves around the world – and now the film clip is set to do it all again.

Her self-directed video tells the stories of many refugees who are seeking a new home away from the danger of their old one. It shows heartbreaking images of people desperately climbing over wired fences, lying in boats as they sail across the empty ocean and moving in the water in mass groups, looking for salvation. M.I.A. is among them, acting as the voice for groups of people who are constantly being ignored. It’s honestly a real eye opener for those in the world who are able to live in safety.

With lyrics such as “Borders? What’s up with that? Politics? What’s up with that? Police shots? What’s up with that? Identities? What’s up with that?” M.I.A shows she’s not holding back from pointing the finger at anything and anyone who may have a hand in helping the crisis, all the way through to asking what’s up with “being bae” and “breaking the internet”; two such things that have become commonplace in the Western world lately, but seem incredibly trivial and pointless when paired with the stark visuals of refugees running for their lives.

Borders follows the first part from her project, featuring Swords. The video, another must-see, shows beautiful images of West Africa and India, showing the citizens of those countries in a more up-close manner.

Watch the video for Borders below, via Apple Music.