Ty Segall shares details of his next solo album

After sending a VHS tape featuring an 11-song album to music journalists earlier this week, psychedelic oddball Ty Segall has now confirmed the contents of the tape are indeed his next album, and a whole lot more.

To be titled Emotional Mugger, this will be Segall’s eight album and is expected to be released on January 22, 2016. Following on with his clever, albeit inconvenient marketing ploy with the VHS tapes, it seems Segall is going all out in creating hype for the record.

Along with the announcement, new website has launched which contains a video of Segall explaining the concept of emotional mugging: “Emotional mugging is a psychoanalytic subject to subject exchange formed as a response to our hyper-digital sexual landscape.” Just in case you were wondering, like we were. He has also followed the lead of Neon Indian, Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey and many, many more this year by launching a hotline with a message from the man himself. The message is supposedly pretty creepy, but if you’re willing, you can call the number flashing on his website to hear for yourself. Australian fans please note, a very pissed off florist will answer if you give this a try.

It doesn’t stop there! Segall’s label Drag City has also included an equally cryptic description for the album on their site in the “About This Product” section. Try to decipher this one:

(what are they thinking)

guitars sliced with scribble

graffiti sprawled across the hemispheres;
stuttered, stunted, dual-mono machine dreams flashing sudden stereophobic and back again / two screens alone together

squeezing shaking oozing
metallic pool like brain blood,

slowly draining away
all mental life.

shaking ass / nihility at most corrodes

candy’s gone no more


Clearly Ty Segall is sitting on something pretty intense, and could well be channelling perhaps his own experiences with “emotional mugging”. This year, he has released work with his bands Fuzz, GØGGS, and Broken Bat, upholding his status as an extremely prolific musician and whilst 2015 will be the only year from 2008-2016 that he did not release a solo LP, this latest news shows he has hardly been having a holiday. We don’t know what to expect exactly, but as all things Segall, we know it’ll be pretty interesting.