Two men arrested trying to stash drugs before Stereosonic

Some people will do anything to get high – even if it involves power tools. On two separate occasions throughout the past week, security have discovered two men allegedly attempting to stash drugs within the Olympic Park complex, where Stereosonic is taking place next weekend.

Police were called to the venue last Friday after security discovered a 21-year-old man allegedly attempting to drill a hole into a wall, with the intention of stashing drugs ahead of the festival. After the man (now identified as Zane Raffie) noticed security, he escaped. Police caught up with him in Green Valley and confiscated ten MDMA pills. He was issued with a notice to attend court on February 2, for charges of malicious damage, trespass and possessing a prohibited plant.

Zane Raffie at Defqon.


On Tuesday, police were again called to the venue after security noticed 24-year-old Ali Ghoneim “acting suspiciously”. Police searched his car and uncovered 95 pills. They are alleging that Ghoneim was planning to stash drugs throughout the venue, so that he could simply collect them during the festival. He too was issued with a court notice. On December 15, he faces charges of drug supply.

The festival hadn’t even begun setting up at the time of these incidents. Inspector Chris Laird, of Flemington local area command, spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald. “They’re going to desperate lengths,” he said, explaining that this is certainly not the first time this has happened. “We know this happens so we’ve been regularly sweeping the area with drugs dogs over the last few days to make sure we find stuff before the park is fully locked down.

“At the end of the day, if you’re planning to take drugs in, you’ll get caught. If you’ve already secreted drugs, we’ve already found them so don’t bother turning up.”

Police have also said that the men will be arrested if they attempt to attend Stereosonic.

Interestingly, this Saturday is supposedly going to be one of the busiest days Olympic Park has seen since the 2000 Olympics. Taylor Swift is performing, and both the Aus-X Open and the Short Course Swimming Championships are taking place as well as Stereosonic, meaning around 150 000 people will be on site.