Travis Scott, Kanye West share creepy “Piss on Your Grave” video

Its safe to say Travis Scott and Kanye West are the two angriest, or at the very least, the most outspoken men in hip hop right now – so when they team up to film the video for their intense, hallucinatory track “Piss on Your Grave”, what else can we expect besides a masterpiece?

The clip, directed by Nabil presents the pair in an evil, foggy forrest while they rap aggressively between shots of skeletons and a cloaked man – who was revealed to be Mos Def, aka Yasiin Bey. The clip perfectly echoes the track’s thunderously flanged drums and psychoactive guitar riffs.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, Scott revealed the spontaneous nature of how the video took place. “I was in my hotel room in Paris, and we were just chillin’ and I just fucked around and was like ‘We need to do the video while we’re in Paris,” Travis told Lowe. Travis also may have accidentally stepped on Kanye’s toes, by giving away information on the follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus, currently titled Swish. He recalled, “That Kanye album? …Okay, let me hang up before it gets crazy…. That ‘Ye album is nothing to sleep on. That ‘Ye album is coming very soon. It’s lit.”

Who’s excited?