The Tongue to hit us with new LP ‘Hard Feelings’ real soon

Howl And Echoes love ourselves some tongue. Not the anatomical kind, but The Tongue, the one-man lyrical beast coming out of Sydney. We really, really dug his latest single You Got Me, a spitfire track copping a vocal alley oop from the soulful Mataya, and we were thrilled to get the scoop on its accompanying video.

It was a tasty little introduction to what was surely to be a stellar Aussie hip hop album on the way, and today The Tongue has finally spilled the beans on a release date and album title. He’s christened it Hard Feelings and it’s cleared for landing just a few short days away on November the 2oth.


I am absolutely loving that GTA-style album cover. The Tongue formed an alliance with a fellow Sydneysider on the rise in producer Papertoy as well as some talented features from artists like Jeswon (of Thundamentals notoriety), Thom Crawford, the aforementioned Mataya as well as one of Australia’s most outstanding vocalists of the present day, NGAIIRE, who tore it up in the sophomore single from the album, Never Going Down.

Holy shit are we anticipating this one something ridiculous.

Hard Feelings is out digitally November the 20th via Elefant Traks/Inertia