The Best New Music of the Week!

Words by Lauren Ziegler and Emma Jones

Australia’s summer is officially here, which means everyone has finally shed their winter coats and are gearing up for the festive season that lies ahead. This also means lots of fresh, new music to fuel the festivities. What a convenience it is then, that your trusted Howl & Echoes has once again delivered a playlist of this week’s best songs to get you through the weekend. All wrapped up in a neat little playlist, this week has once again brought the goods in all different shapes and sizes, and we’ve narrowed down the best of the best for your aural pleasure.

Cleopold, Scarlet

When he’s not busy working with Cassian or Miami Horror, Cleopold is actually hard at work on his own solo material. He caught our attention with his debut, Down In Flames a few months ago, and now he’s set to do it all again with the release of Scarlet. Passionate, catchy, groovy and warm, Scarlet has come just in time for summer and that is very good news indeed. He’s linked with Chet Faker‘s record label Detail Co., and if there were any questions remaining about who he is and what he’s about, Scarlet well and truly answers them. We’re predicting really big things from this guy.

High-Tails, My Heart

There’s something utterly refreshing about the clean, bouncy guitars and melody that carry High-Tails’ dreamy new track. The simple and effective track has a way about it, it’s catchy, it puts a smile on your face, it’s incredibly easy to slip and out of the groove. Blending elements from pop, rock, ska and more in a way that allows the track to feel frozen in time, it’s a reminder that you don’t always need gushing atmospheres and intricate layers to creat something really fun.

Just A Gent, Heavy As A Heartbreak (ft. LANKS)

Our favourite freshly-18-years-old Newcastle producer has made his long-awaited return, with a wonderful new single featuring Lanks on vocal duties. Written, produced, mixed and mastered in his own bedroom (as if you’d expect any less), this expansive track is overflowing with energy from the moment the beat kicks in. I love the sheer tonal diversity throughout, as if every percussive input splashes a new colour onto the canvas. Lanks’ vocals complement it so well, adding a rich, earthy tone to the steely beats and backing chords.

Aquilo, Never Seen You Get So Low

Aquilo was brought to my attention a few months ago, and they’ve stuck in my memory since. Their new self-produced track comes ahead of their debut album, due for release next year. The mellow, understated rhythms and breathy melody is soothing and invigorating at once, with a watery, introspective atmosphere. It’s easy to hear the influences of their collaborators SOGN and Olfaur Arnalds, both of whom are slated to feature on the album.

Manor, Grand Mal

Melbourne duo Manor had us hooked a few months back with their previous single Can You Hear Me Talking At You, so we were REALLY excited to see they had more new music for us to undoubtedly love as well. Grand Mal is an intense, sparse, dark track with brooding lyrics and pensive instrumentation. It’s distorted, industrial, dull but never boring and a hugely exciting step up for the duo. We can’t be too sure just yet where they’re headed, but we can’t wait to go along for the ride!

Golden Vessel, Can’t Stay (ft. Allthingslost)

Brisbane producer Golden Vessel has a knack for making really good songs, and another knack for teaming up with really good vocalists. First it was the stunning Tiana Khasi for his track Borrowed Time, and now it’s fellow Brisbanite Allthingslost for Can’t Stay. Careful, precise and considered, Golden Vessel keeps it light and restrained whilst Allthingslost breathes soul and emotion into the song. The duo are a match made in heaven, and we can only hope this is the start of something really exciting.

Asdasfr Bawd, Negative Energy

This is the second single taken from Asdasfr Bawd’s forthcoming EP out early next year, and once again it has us counting down the days until we can jam that straight into our ears. Creating some of the most unconventional, innovative and exciting music to come from Australia’s continuing electronic boom, Asdasfr Bawd does things on his own terms, and we love every single second of it. Minimal but still so full and complete, he melds his classical training with his electronic side to create something you probably haven’t heard before. Keep an eye out for his Underpass EP out March 7th!

CANVAS, Another Time (ft. Andrew Montgomery)

Swedish duo CANVAS have made a name for themselves with their beautiful brand of electro pop, delicate and soft but packing more than a few punches. Now, they’re set to remind us all once again just who they are, by teaming up with vocalist Andrew Montgomery for Another Time. Featuring some modern flutters and flourishes, the track ebbs and flows with gentle synths and crisp beats, whilst Montgomery’s voice soars soft but strong over the glittery bed of electronica. Said to be taken from their forthcoming EP out next year, Another Time is an example of what to do to make a great electro pop song. Producers, take note.

UV Boi فوق بنفسجي, If She, If He (ft. EASTGHOST)

Brisbane’s UV Boi returns with a lush, explorative new track, with a slow building atmosphere, and a really unique blend of jungle-inspired beats, auto-tuned vocals, and stringy, melodic backing beats loops. There’s a lot going on in this murky, yet totally enjoyable track, to the point where listening to it actually feels like a journey – you never know what you’re going to hear next. It’s a really unusual track. but there’s something quite beautiful about it.

World Champion, Shakes

World Champion have been on everybody’s lips for some time now, and with every release, that reason only grows clearer. The Sydney duo today return with Shakes, a blissfully hazy, summery, catchy new offering, just in time for Summer. The combination of bright chords, a shuffling rhythm and crunchy bass create a unique and really interesting, psychedelic soundscape. I can hear the Tame Impala and Revolver-era Beatles influences already knocking down the door.