The Basics Tell All The Courtney Barnett/Triple J Haters Where To Go

Since Courtney Barnett took out triple J‘s Album of The Year last week, the national broadcaster and Barnett herself have absolutely copped it from listeners who do not agree with the decision. Not being able to let it go, some people have actually gone absolutely HAM on social media, and now The Basics have had enough of it.

Taking to their own Facebook page, the band voiced their frustration at Australians and their “apathetic attitude” toward major stations like Nova and Triple M, whilst doing the complete opposite when it comes to the red drum.

“What is it about the station that attracts the ire of so many?” They asked, before continuing to say, “Is it because maybe they’re the only National broadcaster that actually *does* give two shits about trying to champion new music and sounds?”

Anyone that has had the sometimes misfortune of listening to other major stations like Nova or Triple M would know what they’re talking about, considering it sounds like they get given a 10 song quota each day, and they must only play those songs for the next 24 hours – and normally, those songs are not by up-and-coming local acts.

Before asking for a ceasefire of triple J and Richard Kingsmill “bashing”, the band pointed out the difference in approaches between “mainstream” stations and the alternative, saying quite frankly, “When are we going to start putting pressure on DMG (Nova) and Austereo (Fox, Triple M, etc etc) to significantly increase their support of locally-made music? We always excuse them from scrutiny because ‘they’re just after the advertising dollars’.” 

The band, which includes Wally De Backer aka Gotye, are no strangers to calling out injustices as they see them, so any kind of backlash really would not have any effect on the guys. Maybe this will be one of their policies should they try their hand at politics again?