Rustie Shares New Track ‘First Mythz’

Following on from the release of 160 Hospital Riddim – a track he released whilst he was literally in hospital – Scottish producer Rustie has today shared a huge track in the form of First Mythz. Said to be taken from a forthcoming new album, Rustie doesn’t hold back with this one.

Huge, hard hitting drums, massive cymbal crashes, his trademark Super Mario-in-a-rave esque synths and some dolphin sounds (yes, dolphin) all crash together and race each other in this track. Clocking in at just over 3 and a half minutes, it’s full throttle from start to finish for First Mythz. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sounds like to go to a rave with some dolphins, this may well be the closest you’ve come to hearing what that might sound like.

Expertly pulled off, you can’t help but notice some otherworldly elements at play here from Rustie. Almost ethereal, the track sounds intergalactic in it’s build up to the break. Hyperactive and frenetic, the producer keeps the energy and intensity high as the song propels itself forward at breakneck speed. It’s by no means his best track, but you can hear a certain evolution here as opposed to his bigger hits like Slasherr or Attak featuring Danny Brown, where he is focussing just as much on the other elements and not just the drop.

If Twitter is anything to go by, the album could be titled “Even If U Don’t Know”, due to a hashtag included on his post regarding the track. All will be revealed in due time of course, but it’s just so good to hear new stuff from him.