Popcaan drops new video for “Dem Wah Fi Know”

Jamaican born singer Popcaan is probably most recognisable for his feature on Jamie XX‘s stellar I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times). The summer track launched Popcaan into a new realm of fame, with the then relatively unknown artist garnering considerable critical and commercial support for his work on the track, as well as drawing attention from pop royalty Drake and Rihanna. On the back of all this success however, Popcaan has been busy creating his own music. Just yesterday, the dancehall artist dropped a new video for upcoming single Dem Wah Fi Know, due out on YVP Records later this month.

 Produced by The FADER and directed by Focus Creeps, the film pairs the upbeat, joyous track with shots of Popcaan with his crew rolling through the streets of Portmore, his Jamaican hometown. The film also includes an opening and closing monologue of duppy spirits, or dark shadows- adding more depth to what could have been a typical hometown video.

Focus Creeps spoke to The FADER about his collaboration with Popcaan on the clip: “I had always been really moved by Popcaan as a sincere and uplifting songwriter, when I began thinking of ideas for this track, which is more paranoid in a street sense, I started thinking about how when you make an effort to do what’s good—to take risks, like Popcaan did—there’s always the dark stuff that you have to leave behind. The duppy mythology seemed like a perfect metaphor for the kind of confidence it takes for a Jamaican artist to rise up against the adversity, haters, and corruption that will always be an obstacle for those who put their faith and energy into something positive. This song is about keeping one eye on the look out towards that dark stuff you conquered but can always rise up to haunt you.”

While Popcaan’s music may not be for everybody, it’s clear with this video and the single coupled with it that he has definite prowess in his field. Check out the video below, and look out for the release of his single next month.