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My Favourite Tunes: JAALA

When she’s not busy fronting the sensory overload that is MangelwurzelCosima Jaala is busy embracing her artpop side with another project. Named after her surname, JAALA is equal parts jangly indie-rock, nostalgia-tinged psych and cathartic soul, and their latest single Salt Shaker is a unique blend of these three sounds.

Showcasing her one of a kind voice and left-field tendencies, JAALA are a breath of fresh air in the local – and soon to be international – music scene. Sticking to what they know, and what they’re good at, the band are set to show everyone just what they’re made of this week when their debut album, Hard Hold, is released.

We can’t get enough of JAALA, so we asked leading lady Cosima all about her favourite tunes to get to know her a little better. Given the abstract and eclectic nature of her music, it’s unsurprising that her answers were much the same. From Iron Butterfly and Frank Zappa all the way to Candi Staton’s Young Hearts Run Free, these are JAALA’s favourite tunes! They’re playing a few shows at the end of the year, as well as supporting The Internet next year for their Laneway sideshows – all dates can be seen below.

My favourite track to wake up to is…Iron Butterfly, In A Gadda Da Vida

In a Gadda da Vida does something to my brain, it reminds me of being a little girl when I lived in a purple house on a patch of bushland. The koalas made terrifying mating calls and a tree delivered papayas to the back door which my mum would cut up and squeeze orange juice all over. When I listen to the song a warm catharsis tickles all my synapses. It’s also totally rockin’ and goes for ages. Long songs can be really great because they don’t finish as quick.

The best track for cooking is…Bjork, Venus As A Boy

The beat is slow and methodical similar to how you would prepare a meal, she is also cooking in the clip which is very appropriate. My favourite part is when she burns the butter and cuddles a lizard.

The best track for spring cleaning is…Atlas Sound, Quick Canal

This is such an uplifting song, it really gets me in the mood for life and spring cleaning. Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab features on this tack and her lyrics herald such truth… “I thought saints were born saints/ I looked in the dirt/ And found wisdom is learnt/ Through a costly process/ Of success and failure”

My favourite love song…Burt Bacharach, Close To You

This is about as pure and devotional a love song can get. Sometimes I hum it under my breath when I think about my love. Sometimes I sing it out really loud when I walk home late at night, guts full of loud­voice­juice.

The best track for sweet love makin’ is…Frank Zappa, Baby Snakes

This the best song for sweet love making because you can serenade a real life baby snake about baby snakes. Frank Zappa taught me that it’s really important to be who you wanna be, especially in the bedroom. If you sing baaaby snaaaayaakes in the mirror five times whilst fondling yourself through tiny holes in your pocketses, the ghost of Jimi Hendrix will appear, that’s how magic works.

The best track to wind down a crowd is…Bob Marley, Waiting In Vain

This song makes my heart weep, wind down, I realise I don’t want to suckle from a goonsack at three in the morning with other lost souls. I should go home right now and formulate a plan to get that schmuck to love me.

My favourite song to sing in the shower is…Daniel Johnston, Some Things Last A Long Time

A song that always makes me cry is…Lonnie Holley, All Rendered Truth

This song makes me cry because it is a perfect work of art; also a song about A.R.T and the word itself an acronym for All Rendered Truth. Lonnie sings direct from his heart, but it feels like he is singing on behalf of everybody’s hearts. I’ve witnessed a few people cry to this song. What a beautiful man, Lonnie Holley, I love you.

I love going to sleep listening to…Fripp and Eno, Evening Star

This track helps me to sleep because it serves as a landscape you can nest inside of. It’s even called Evening star; maybe Fripp and Eno are actually wizards that have lived for thousands of years soothing mankind with their sonic incantations.

I can’t stop dancing when I hear…Candi Staton, Young Hearts Run Free

Young Hearts Run Free makes me kinda hip thrust and jiggle. If that’s dancing, then this song is the catalyst for a good time. I believe 100% in the song’s message about running free and love and it’s all good and I’m humping the pot plant at work and I couldn’t care if I tried. What a good song.


*Headline show
**Special guest for The Internet

27-29 November
Paradise Music Festival, Marysville, VIC

Saturday 5 December
John Curtin Bandroom, Melbourne VIC*

Saturday 12 December
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW*

Wednesday 3 February
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW**

Thursday 4 February
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW**

Tuesday 9 February
Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC **

Hard Hold is out November 20th via Wondercore Island/Warner