MKO SUN reveals video clip for “Michiko”

Following up the release of her third studio EP, Opus Opalus, MKO SUN (alias Hannah Macklin) has released the accompanying video for her track Michiko. Described as a “multi-dimensional, cinematic experience”, the EP is a shimmering piece of experimental pop. Exploring the emotional aftermath of a loved one’s death – following the sad passing of Macklin’s own father – Opus Opalus is also a sonic exploration of pop, hip hop and various other elements.

Michiko primarily hangs on a melodic pop sound, tinged with an eery vibe and with Macklin’s voice stretching to R&B heights across an ancient sounding piano. Punctuated with crashing industrial interjections of metallic beats and brass, it’s both a poignant and uncomfortable track. The video adds to the ethereal feel with abstract imagery and close cut editing.

Starring YSK (Yusuke Akai) and Macklin herself, with visuals provided by director/editor Mia Forrest (who also collaborated on MKO SUN’s Black Seaweed video). With scarlet accents throughout, there is a sense of some sort of subliminal messaging within the surreal production.  Macklin recently discovered Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, attributing some of her inspiration to the anime film, there are definite hints of that aesthetic and the dreamlike sensibility. And it’s easy to simply get caught up in the imagery, which is beautiful as well as slightly unnerving underneath this big and sweet track.

Watch the video below for Michiko, and take a listen to MKO SUN’s Opus Opalus via bandcamp for more tracks.