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Listen to Marcus Whale’s solo debut ‘If (demo)’

Chances are that you’re well aware of Marcus Whale‘s musical movements, as a part of both Collarbones and Black Vanilla. If (demo) is his first foray into life as a solo artist. It is totally original and totally mesmerising.

The track opens with dissonant piano chords and incredibly unsettling buzz of distant strings that make me feel literally uncomfortable. Whale’s voice comes in shortly after, with a comparatively soothing, if eerie as hell melody. Slowly, the track begins to intensify and a rhythm – or a percussive layer, at least – begins to form. Just shy of the three-minute mark, the rhythm drops, and the track’s atmosphere immediately opens to a shuffling, eclectic dance-floor vibe.

This is a really impressive, not to mention unique solo debut from the enigmatic Sydney artist. Given the innovative and fresh nature of his other projects though, it’s almost a given that anything Whale sets out to do will come firmly out of left field. The consistently excellent quality of his creative output remains at the highest standard with this latest release, and we are so excited to hear what he comes up with next.

If (demo) also comes along with the news that he has just signed to Melbourne-based label Good Manners, also home to Lucianblomkamp, Planeté, Kllo, Sampa The Great and more of our absolute favourite Australian electronic artists. It’s safe to say he’s in pretty good company there, so it should only be a matter of time before we hear more from the electro-wizard.