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LISTEN: Jon Hopkins remixes Disclosure & Lorde’s ‘Magnets’

Jon Hopkins is a mastermind of a producer. The UK stalwart has just dropped a remix of Disclosure‘s recent single Magnets ft. Lorde, and it’s phenomenal.

Wild, experimental and utterly progressive, you’d be forgiven for not even slightly recognising it as a Magnets remix. A heady beat kicks in and begins to form after a crackly intro sets the tone, and it just takes off from there. Lorde’s vocals have been spliced and used as an instrumental loop, with no semblance of lyrics, or even a melody the entire way through. Nevertheless, the soundscape is breathtaking. Sitting at a cool six minutes and fifty-six seconds, the track is in no rush as it blooms and grows, eventually catapulting itself into the ecstatic sonic stratosphere.

This isn’t the first remix of Magnets to surface; A-Trak had a crack, and the Disclosure brothers remixed it themselves last week. As unrecognisable and ambient as Hopkins’ take may be, I gotta say, it’s my favourite one yet.

The track features on Disclosure’s sophomore album Caracal – read our review here. As well as the Lorde collaboration, other featured guests included The Weeknd, Sam Smith and Miguel.

Both Jon Hopkins and Disclosure are set to touch down in Australia next month. Disclosure will be performing at Falls Festival and Field Day, and Jon Hopkins, who last visited for Laneway 2015, will be performing at Let Them Eat Cake.