Le1f drops a brand new track for all the ladies, is on his way to Australia

At the 11th hour of the ninth inning before the release of his highly anticipated debut album Riot Boi is set to drop next week, New York City MC Le1f has given fans some last minute preparation, today releasing a brand spanker in the form of two-part track Umami/Water. Have a squiz:

Le1f took to his Facebook earlier today to reveal that it was ‘a songs for da ladiess’. It’s certainly a sprawling and off-kilter pairing, first half Umami ramps the raunchiness up to 11, Le1f and his flow slithering over a smouldering backbeat while second half Water slows things down but keeps it interesting with some intermittent machine gun trap beats and some tremolo guitar picked at warp speed, Le1f’s syrupy and often mesmerising delivery taking full control.

It’s certainly one way to have the anticipation for his upcoming album at fever pitch. You can look forward to guest vocal spots from Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange fame), Don Christian and a host of others as well as some more stellar production from SOPHIE and Lunice and Evian Christ among others (the latter two responsible for Umami/Water).

In other fantastic news for Le1f, he’s due to land on our shores in the waking light of the New Year, putting on a triumvirate of headline shows that promise to sell out like hotcakes in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth as well as appearing at Sugar Mountain festival in Melbourne. It’s Le1f’s first time back in Australia since his 2013 tour and the shows and Sugar Mountain promise to be all the more fantastic for his presence.

Riot Boi is out Friday November 13th via XL Recordings/Terrible Records. Catch Le1f on his Australian tour at these times of day, in these parts of the country, localised entirely within these venues:

Thu, Jan 21st: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Fri, Jan 22nd: TBC Club, Brisbane

Sat, Jan 23rd: Sugar Mountain Festival, Melbourne

Mon, Jan 24th: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth