He gets our vote just for this photo.

Killer Mike dines with Bernie Sanders

With the US presidential candidate campaigns in full swing, Run the Jewels powerhouse Killer Mike has taken the interesting step of dining with Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders.

After recently taking part in an Atlanta rally for Sanders, where he delivered an immensely powerful speech, Killer Mike decided to treat the potential next president to some good old fashioned southern cuisine at local joint ‘Busy Bee’.

Killer Mike and his RTJ counterpart El-P are renowned for their political activism and outspoken nature, so such a publicised move is seemingly a ringing endorsement for Sanders and his political platform. In what has been a tumultuous year for racial and political tensions in the US, Mike has delivered his stance on everything from the Confederate flag, mass shootings, and race relations. If that wasn’t enough, the rapper also revealed his intentions to run for state representative in his native state of Georgia.

The duo certainly make an odd couple, but it would appear that they are both committed to mending racial tension, and the popularity of Sanders has certainly been reflected in recent polls. With Hilary Clinton leading the race for the Democratic candidate position, the race has clearly heated up as Sanders has recently gained ten points on his fellow party member.

Killer Mike is incredibly self aware, and knows the social and cultural support that he can muster in Southern states. Aligning with political candidates is nothing new for hip-hop, with President Obama assembling a star studded celebrity following, led by none other than Jay-Z.

Let’s all be thankful that Killer Mike is taking a productive political route, and not running for office like Waka Flocka.