Kendrick Lamar crashed a wedding, had a great time

When you can hear Whitney Houston‘s Dance With Somebody in the distance, there’s really only one appropriate thing to do: follow the siren calls of that beautiful song until you find the source and then, you pull out your best moves. Or at least, that’s what you do if you’re Kendrick Lamar.

Footage from last month has surfaced from when Kendrick and co found themselves at a hotel in Columbus, Ohio where a wedding reception was taking place. Naturally, they joined in on the fun because it’s Whitney and you can’t not. The entire situation seemed to be pretty well received, with guests dancing with the wedding crashers and continuing about their celebrations. That was, until one particularly disgruntled guest confronted them with a barrage of questions of “Are you guys supposed to be in this party?” and “Who got married?”

Brushing off (actually, more like ignoring all together) the confrontation, Kendrick continued dabbing to Whitney until the same guest yelled “Get the fuck out!” right into the camera. However, according to TMZ who obtained footage from the wedding, the rapper was eventually recognised by another guest and K-Dot and co stuck around a little longer. Way cooler than having Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn turn up uninvited. Just sayin.

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