Jack Ladder

Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders cover Dire Straits “So Far Away”

Fresh off the back of their national tour supporting Florence & The MachineJack Ladder & The Dreamlanders have dropped a cover of Dire Straits‘ So Far Away, from 1985. Recorded in a wistful moment, Jack Ladder transposes Dire Straits’ syncopated rhythms and dreamy harmonies to a blues and country inspired sound.

Changing out Mark Knopfler’s husky voice for Jack Ladder’s low pitched croon, the song takes on much more of heartbreaking feel, edged with something of Nick Cave‘s old time, off the wall vocal. It’s a different side of Jack Ladder, but that distinctive baritone casts the same shade that touches his own work. Given how recognisable Knopfler’s guitar work was, and is, Jack Ladder gives his own interpretation with a back country sounding lap steel. That distinctive warbling sound sets the song in a lonely small town, rather than amongst the pushed up sleeves and headbands of a 1980s rock band.

Recorded during the same session as the band’s acoustic version of To Keep & Be Kept, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders move quickly. Having only just rounded off the tour with Florence, the band are set to tour the US in December. Playing their largest tour there to date, before returning for more Australian shows in January. Including a spot in Friday Nights At NGV in Melbourne, in conjunction with both Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibitions. Followed by a special show that will form part of Sydney Festival, called Dreamland and featuring artists like Donny Benét, Laurence Pike and Kirin J. Callinan.