Hunters & Collectors Frontman Demands Reclaim Australia Stop Using His Song

Slamming it as a “racist organization”, Hunters & Collectors‘ frontman Mark Seymour has become the latest musician to demand Reclaim Australia stop using his music. The song the group have most recently adopted is the 1993 hit – and national treasure – Holy Grail, and whilst they might deem it a song that helps their cause, Seymour has come out saying he wants absolutely nothing to do with them and their “race hate”.

Upon hearing that Holy Grail was used at the most recent string of rallies across the country, Seymour took to his Facebook page to not only publicly acknowledge the use of the song, but also to publicly distance himself, his band and his music from the group. “Let me be clear. ‘Reclaim Australia’ is a racist organisation,” he said, before making his position on the issue of asylum seekers known. “We stand together with refugees and asylum seekers the world over. We are opposed to bigotry, race hate and fascism.”

I’ve just been informed that ‘Reclaim Australia’ are using ‘Holy Grail’ at their rallies.

Let me be clear. ‘Reclaim…

Posted by Mark Seymour on Sunday, 22 November 2015

Seymour now joins the likes of Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham, who have also publicly called out the Reclaim Australia group and the use of their songs, Khe Sanh and You’re The Voice respectively. The group responded to Barnes’ claims the group was racist, saying he is “mistaken”. They are yet to respond to this latest development.