Hein Cooper: Three Albums That Changed My Life

It was just last year that Hein Cooper was busking on the streets, but fast forward twelve months and he’s picking up airplay on triple J and BBC, signing record deals and travelling the world. He’s also in the final stages of readying his debut album which we can expect out in early 2016, and judging from his first single, we are in for a real treat.

Practically capturing the Australian summer in a song, his latest single Rusty is a breezy, gentle and warm track that’s stripped back and built back up to hold hidden messages and showcase just talented Cooper really is. It’s no wonder then that he’s in the middle of a national tour, and he’s been picked to play at this year’s Falls Festival in Lorne.

To get to know him a little bit better, we asked him what three albums changed his life; albums that he holds closest to his heart. Given the raw, emotional nature of his music, his answers don’t come as a surprise at all. Take our word for it, folks – Hein Cooper is one to keep an eye on!

Father John Mister, I Love You, Honeybear

This album is absolutely marvellous. It’s full of sin, love, light and darkness woven together by Josh Tillman’s incredible ability to write songs and infiltrate them with his beautifully twisted and sarcastic mind. However, I think what makes it truly special is how he has used many dated classic styles (still timeless) and mixed them with contemporary lyrics and perspectives. So you get this feeling of complete understanding of the world today yet you are taken back in time all at once.

King Krule, Six Feet Beneath the Moon

I love this album because I truly feel the pain that’s all throughout. I listen to music when I’m happy, but I deeply submerge myself in music when I’m in pain. There’s a big difference between the two emotions for me and how I connect to music with each. The stories this guy sings about, and the way he plays the songs on this record cuts me deep to my core. It’s a truly authentic reaction of disgust to the world we live in and has helped me to deal with things time and time again.

Joni Mitchell – Blue

This record is something I’ve heard many times over the last four years. However, it hasn’t been until weeks ago that I have had a whole new appreciation for it. I have been having a whole lot of new experiences to do with love and since then this record is like a document to those experiences. The way she sings about her relation to her lover is so pure and authentic. Definitely a record for lovers to understand their feelings.

Remaining Hein Cooper tour dates:

December 5: Gallery Bar- Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW

December 30: Falls Festival, Lorne VIC