Grimes performs with Janelle Monae for “Venus Fly”

It’s been a week since Grimes dropped follow up LP Art Angels, and fan hysteria is yet to cease even slightly- I challenge you to scroll down your news feed without finding something pertaining to Grimes’ new release. Understandable, considering the three year gap between it and it’s predecessor, the much loved Visions. Somewhere in the midst of all this frenzy, Grimes kicked off her Rhinestone Cowgirls tour, which will see her tour the U.S and Europe until finally making a stop down under for Laneway Festival. Last night, she blessed Atlanta with some fresh material straight from Art Angels, as well as including a very special guest, Janelle Monáe.

The tracklist for Art Angels only names two guests, one of them being Monáe, who worked with Grimes on track Venus Fly. While Grimes may not be a fan of utilising mass amounts of guest artists in her work, the move to include Monáe was a clever one. Besides from their talent, both women are similar in their breaking of any pre-conceived notions their audiences might have about what goes into creating a ‘good’ pop song. While sonically, they may sound vastly different, when working in conjunction with one another it creates something incredible.

Given that both women are also intensely superb performers, it’s no wonder that the video below is truly a sight to behold. If you’re like me, and have neglected to purchase a ticket to Laneway- I’d start saving now, and fast.

You can purchase tickets to Laneway here, and listen to Art Angels here.