Erykah Badu Drops Another Phone-Themed Track

Erykah Badu has dropped another single from her upcoming mixtape You Cain’t Use My Phone.

The track, Phone Down, is another phone-themed release and I am starting to dig the whole concept of the mixtape and the way it tackles social issues of the digital era. There is nothing easier to spot than people on a bad date when one person is checking his or her phone; in Badu’s new song, she emphasises that she has the ability to make people literally put down their phone. It’s hard to believe that she has the problem of not obtaining someone’s full attention, but maybe that validates the issue if even soul queen Badu has experienced less attention due to smart phones.

The song, Phone Down, was released via Apple Music with the caption:

“PHONE DOWN…official leak this ones for Aubrey… from forthcoming MIXTAPE : BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE {DROPS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND} ITUNES LOVE, Ms. Badu.”

Which seems like a cut and dry dedication to Aubrey Davis, the song’s writer. However, it is entirely possible that she meant Aubrey Graham, aka Drake. After all, Badu recently released a vibrant and much loved cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling, which, of course, I have listened to too many times. Phone Down is just as catchy as her cover of Hotline Bling, which will put You Cain’t Use My Phone up there for catchiest mixtape of all time if the trend continues. There has been a slight delay on the mixtape’s release date, but everything seems to be on schedule now for its Thanksgiving release, November 26 for the rest of the world.