Dry Drake’s Tears With ‘Drizzy Tearz’

We all know Drake’s an emotional guy. Girls want him and guys want his sensitivity. Well, what if I told you that there was a way to get up close and personal with Drake and his emotions? What if I told you it was right in the palm of your hand? Hopefully you’re reading this on your phone or atleast holding it, because I mean your phone. This week the App Store got a brand new addition, Drizzy Tearz. Made by Ashten Winger, we’ll let the description speak for itself:

Drizzy is pouring his Tearz into the rap game and you must stop him before it’s TOO LATE! Tap the Tearz to stop him from crying and don’t let them reach the bottom of the screen! Don’t be the worst, beat your best score and your friend’s!

It’s really well designed as well, with Drake in beautiful pixel form, and the colours all reminiscent of his Hotline Bling video. The soundtrack is surprisingly sick as well – called Tearz from the 6, and made by Tristen Winger (who we assume is the brother of the creator). It’s Drake samples remixed in a really sick 8-bit kind of way, and you can listen to it on Soundcloud as well. Why call someone on their cellphone when you can cut the shit and touch Drake’s pixel face with your fingers?

Download the game right here.