Crystal Castles Perform First Shows Without Alice Glass & Announce New Singer

Experimental electronic/noise act Crystal Castles have not only performed their first live show since splitting with founding member and singer Alice Glass last year, but have officially announced her replacement: Edith Frances.

Crystal Castles shocked us all late last year with the announcement that Glass was leaving the duo, ultimately bringing it down to a solo project of Ethan Kath. The pair clearly had some beef between them, which was revealed via Soundcloud and Facebook comments in the months since their split.

As Crystal Castles, Kath has released two new tracks since the split, and former member Glass recently released her first solo single too.

They performed at SoundsWild Fest in Johannesburg, South Africa with Frances, along with came the official announcement. The above image was posted to Crystal Castles’ Facebook, with the caption “Edith Frances 1st show 1st time on stage, let’s show her luv xoxo.” They also shared the news that a new track would be on its way soon – hooray!

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Edith Frances: Frail, the first track that Kath released after Glass’ departure, featured her. So while the announcement itself is unsurprising, it brings hope that we’ll be receiving a lengthier release and lots more new music throughout 2016 and beyond.