Closure in Moscow the latest band to have a bunch of gear stolen

Aside from being great Australian bands, what do The Delta Riggs, The Creases and Closure in Moscow have in common? The terrible misfortune of having their worldly possessions stolen, that’s what.

Late last month, The Delta Riggs guitarist Alex Markwell has his guitar, pedals and new pedal board stolen from his car in Melbourne. Not to mention glass shattered everywhere and a window needing repair. Earlier in October, The Creases’ bassist/vocalist Jarrod Mahon‘s East Brisbane home was broken into and his laptop, mixing desk and guitars were stolen. Now, after playing a sold-out show in London as part of the European tour for their album Pink Lemonade, Melbourne band Closure in Moscow found that a bunch of their personal equipment been stolen, too.

Played a sold out show in London tonight. Also got rolled and got all our passports, clothes, laptops and some personal equipment stolen. Oh the highs n lows of being a band. Fuck.

Posted by Closure In Moscow on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Adding to the list, they found they were also no longer in possession of their passports, laptops and any clothes other than those they were wearing. The full list of stolen items is pretty extensive and adds up to around $8700AUD.

So here is a full rundown of what we lost toa.) give you an idea of the damageand b.) allow you to keep your eyes…

Posted by Closure In Moscow on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Their tour is scheduled to continue, but it’s no doubt a huge dampener on the whole thing. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but one would hope that an outcome similar to that of the Smith Street Band‘s stolen (and then recovered) combo amp occurs for all the bands.

Can we all just, you know, not steal stuff? Please keep an eye out for any and all possible belongings that may belong to these bands, and report any suspicions to your local authorities. These are not just trinkets, but tools for these people to make their livelihoods. Without their guitars, they cannot make the music they work so hard on. Without their laptops and other technological items, said music is potentially lost forever. Being in a band and trying to make it work is hard enough, but this awful act of cowardice makes life even harder. Moral of the story: don’t be a dick.