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Best Songs Of The Week

The phrase “Thank God It’s Friday” could be said in regards to finishing the working week, but it could also be said because Fridays also mean one thing: Best Songs Of The Week day! Once again, we’ve pulled together the ten best songs released this week for your convenience. From indie electro pop, to hip-hop, all the way through to some scuzzy garage bands and 70’s psychedelia, these are the ten best songs from this week you need to hear right NOW!

Grandsister, Headlights (Ft. Sarah Belkner)

Indie electro pop doesn’t get all the credit it should, but there is no denying that this track, a collaborative effort between Grandsister and Sarah Belkner, is a seriously good song. For fans of Digitalism, Robyn, Royskopp or even New Order, this twinkling, pulsing, propulsive track is as fun and explosive as they come. See! Indie electro pop isn’t so bad after all!

MANTRA, Nowhere To Go (Ft. E-Swift and J-Ro of The Alkaholiks)

It’s been a while since we heard from rapper MANTRA, but with the release of Nowhere To Go, it’s clear he’s been busy working hard on his sound and making the wait so very worth it. Throwing back to traditional hip-hop sounds from the old guard, but keeping it fresh with modern flair, MANTRA has teamed up with E-Swift and J-Ro of The Alkaholiks to deliver this upbeat but chilled jam that will get your head moving within seconds of listening. Welcome back, MANTRA!

Sunflower Bean, Wall Watcher

Brooklyn based trio Sunflower Bean have released Wall Watcher ahead of their debut album out next year, and it is an absolute belter. Scuzzy guitar rock at it’s best, this band uses fun harmonies to keep it light whilst the fuzzy riffs plunge it well and truly into grunge territory. That hook has been in my head for a few days now, and I don’t see it leaving any time soon.

GUNNS, She’s A Rainbow

Spinning Top’s newest treasures GUNNS have released She’s A Rainbow in all it’s sparkly, psychedelic glory. It’s the first taste from their debut EP out next year, and it’s an exciting first taste indeed. Dripping in nostalgia, this kaleidoscopic track is an impressive follow-up from the band’s stellar track The Fool released last year (sitting on a casual 94K SoundCloud plays…), and makes us really eager to see what else they’ve got in store for us!

Lastlings, Chills

This song is absolutely stunning. Serene vocals ring out over a shifting, pulsing bed of electronica, with some intricate flourishes here and there to draw you in even further. Really capitalising on the name of the track, this latest release from Lastlings would make for a perfect summer soundtrack. Sounding a little like ODESZA in the best way possible, these guys are really onto something here.

Radiation City, Juicy

If you’re a fan of bands like Dum Dum Girls, let us introduce you to the sounds of Radiation City – a quintet from Portland that have recently undergone a makeover of sorts. However, change is always a good thing and now we have Juicy to prove it. This song is huge; commanding riffs, dynamic and attention grabbing vocals and a beat that almost makes it feel like you’re in slow motion for a second. They’re set to release a new LP next year, and if it sounds anything like this – sign us up!

COVERS, Strange Bird

Melbourne band COVERS wrote Strange Bird to deal with their inability to be content with anything comfortable or mundane,” which is fitting considering this song is neither of those things. Grand, dramatic, and thunderous, COVERS aren’t holding back here and have created a soaring track that would be incredible to see live. Marking their return to the scene, the band have clearly been hard at work honing their sound, and this new direction couldn’t sound better.

Flamingo Jones, Fred Bear

This is the third single off Flamingo Jones’ EP, Wet Sounds, but it’s definitely our favourite so far. Once again showing off his self-described “Nature Beat” sounds, Fred Bear is exactly the type of song you need to transport you away from whatever mundane task you’re currently doing to an island party sipping margaritas in a grass skirt. No? Just us? Either way, Flamingo Jones is quickly becoming one of our favourite local acts. Sounding like Animal Collective at a luau, we have been converted to “nature beat” fans, and it won’t be long before the rest of the country follows suit.

Romy, Wild Heart

She’s being heralded as Australia’s answer to Tinashe, and from just one listen to Wild Heart, that’s not far off. Futuristic in the production courtesy of local Brisbane producer James Angus and soulful in her RnB stylings, Romy is seriously one to watch. Heavy 808s, splashy hi hats and commanding vocals are a surefire recipe for a hit, something tells us Romy is just getting started.

Vera Blue, Hold

It can be a scary experience, releasing your debut single. However, Sydney newcomer Vera Blue is positively fearless with this track. Releasing the video and track for Hold at the same time, Vera Blue is messing around. She’s ready, and you only need one listen to her song to realise this. Lush synths swirl as her beautiful voice soars, pierced by intermittent thuds, all the while complimented by simplistic and stunning visuals with artistic effects to give it some extra depth. Really, really beautiful, and really, really promising.