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Aziz Ansari nails The Weeknd Halloween costume, lip-syncs ‘The Hills’

Last weekend saw Halloween fever consume the United States, with the annual celebration of the spooky and spectacular resulting, yet again, in a swathe of impressive celebrity costumes. Mac DeMarco was Darth Maul, ChvrchesLauren Mayberry was Edward Scissorhands and Justin Bieber was Jackie Moon from the Will Ferrell film Semi-Pro (which I have to admit, albeit reluctantly, is quite a funny costume). Basketball star LeBron James was another who committed wholeheartedly to the Halloween spirit, donning a full Prince outfit and attempting a cover of Purple Rain at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ party.

One of the standouts, however, was Parks & Recreation star Aziz Ansari, whose take on The Weeknd was about as entertaining as you’d expect it to be. Complete with leather jacket and that characteristic birds-nest hairstyle, Ansari’s costume was spot on. What’s more, he uploaded a video to Instagram in which he lip-syncs perfectly to The Weeknd’s smash-hit single, The Hills. Treat yo’ self to that little gem right here:

Last month The Hills was remixed by both Eminem and Nicki Minaj, inserting their respective attitudes into the seductive single. I’d still rather hear Tom Haverford lay down a verse, though.