Adele Smashes N*SYNC’s Record For Most Albums Sold In One Week

One week ago, Adele released 25 after eager fans waited for four years, and now the week’s results are in. It seems the wait was well and truly worth it, as she sold 3.38 million copies in the US alone in just seven days.

According to Billboard, Nielsen Music, who have been documenting all album sales since 1991, have said that it is the only album to sell more than 3 million albums in a single week. NSYNC’s No Strings Attached previously held the record, selling 2.42 million back in March, 2000, whilst Taylor Swift who only sold 1.8 million copies of 1989, claimed the title of having the most albums sold in its first week for 2015. Furthermore, the rate for illegal downloads of 25 isn’t as high, with two-times the amount of people searching for her lyrics rather than torrents, showing more people are opting to actually buy the record than download it, as Consequence of Sound reports.

Last week, her intense performances of Hello and When We Were Young on Saturday Night Live stunned audiences worldwide. She also performed Water Under The Bridge on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which received a similar reaction. See that performance below.

Seems one of Adele’s biggest fansRick Ross may have been right when he said 25 “may be one of the biggest records in the history of our time.”

Adele’s previous album 21 was named as the greatest album of all time by Billboard a couple of weeks ago, and whilst many people have more than a few words to say about that, they cannot deny the worldwide success she continues to enjoy, with 25 looking set to thrust her further into world fame.