Weezer release “Thank God For Girls” and its messy video

By now, everyone should be pretty well attuned to the strangeness (constructed or genuine) of Weezer‘s Rivers Cumo, but just in case you’ve forgotten, the band have put out a new song titled Thank God For Girls and a messy cannoli-filled video to match.

Honestly I’m not even sure if Cumo is trolling everyone or actually serious with not only his lyrics, but his annotations for them. The first single since last year’s Everything Will Be Alright In The End, Thank God For Girls, is at best, a nonsensical ode to strong women who are wonderful and feed men cannoli and take care of them.

It’s very much a mix of Weezer old and new with rap-sung verses and an easy sing-along chorus. Which is something Cumo made a point of noting in his own review of the track, which he posted to the band’s official Facebook page:

Oh my god you guys, the new single is amazing! After we played it last night, I turned to my plus one and said, with glee, “it’s no Back to the Shack!! Hands down Thank God for Girls is the far, far better song. I’m no music critic but I have no problem sharing my opinion on this.
I will say the band seems to be putting their all into it. There’s a spoken intro that reminded me of “Miss Sweeney” and a really pretty classic Weezer guitar driven melody. And Scott plays the keyboard on parts of it. I love the abrupt acapella ending, it showcases my voice.
The lyrics sound pretty out there and remind me of my tumblr work. Very unique, very different, a bit dark. (I especially love the Adam lyric parts) … that last line is gold.
I’m not a huge fan of rapped out sections in songs but there’s a lot of cool work going on here with harmonies. I think the music is really great, I’m a huge fan of organs being used and piano in the verse.
It’s a perfect mix of weezer past and future. The chorus soars on melodic wings. It rocks sooooo hard. I can’t really compare it to anything specific we’ve ever done. But I can’t wait for more!
I think this may be a big hit single. I hope I’m not overselling it but I think it’s great! (adventurous, brave, fun, compelling, rocking, and I just LOVE it.)

I love this song, I love weezer, and I love you! =w= OCTOBER 13!!! BUCKLE UP, HERE WE GO!

River Cuomo

The video is surely a construction of surrealism (much like the song) intended to “go viral” but it falls short of that and kind of just feels lazy and boring. The main character is hand-fed cannoli before chucking a fit, supposedly out of pure heartbreak and frustration and lyrics feature throughout – but only the really important lines.


Cannoli – forever ruined.