Weekly Video Round Up!

What do we want!? Videos! When do we want them? Now!

Well you’re in luck, because this here selection couldn’t be a more eclectic way to start your weekend. Grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy the best offerings from this week.

John Steel SingersModern Lover 

Brisbane boys John Steel Singers have been around the traps for a while with their melodic brand of indie rock, and they’ve just released a heartstring-tugging film clip for their song Weekend Lover in collaboration with the RSPCA. Lovers of our four-legged friends, the group are encouraging donations to the organisation and you can chip in here. The clip is jam-packed with warm and fuzzies and sums up every YouTube clip that has ever made you go “awwwwwwwww!” If you’re feeling a little lackluster this Friday afternoon, it is sure to lift your spirits.

BattlesDot Net 

Our favourite prog-rockers Battles have released yet another stellar video from their third studio effort La Di Da Di. We recently chatted with drummer John Stanier about the thematics behind the video for first single Yabba, and this one is even more psychedelic! The clip was directed by Ben Jones, who elaborated that “the exploration of the digital territory between abstract graphic user interfaces, polyrhythms and human interaction was a paramount inspiration…” It is a journey into a Tron-like world of polygons and colours that perfectly matches the chaos of, and interaction between, the organic and inorganic elements of the track.

What else can we say? You’ve done it again Battles!

Charles Murdoch – Frogs 
Brisbane-based producer Charles Murdoch has released the clip for Frogs, which acts as the second part in a trilogy of short films from German collective Jünglinge. The mesmerising clip follows an ageing skinhead who is member of a right wing group prone to acts of violence and uses this aggression as an outlet for his repressed sexuality and forbidden desires. Shot in Germany, it is a powerful piece of cinema to accompany an emotionally moving track. Watch part one of the series, for previous single Straws here, and be sure to stay tuned for the third chapter!
1200 TechniquesFlow Is Trouble (ft. Ghostface Killah)
Remember 1200 Techniques? Their record-scratching hip hop sound was definitive of the early 2000’s, and they are back with a bang with a track featuring none other than legendary MC and founding Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah. The dope film clip accompanying this explosive single features pimped out mafia suits and masked criminals wreaking havoc and waxing lyrical about street life. This has to be one of the most surprising and awesome releases we have heard recently and is going straight into high rotation. Be sure to check it out.
 Gold Class – Bite Down 
Fittingly described as a post-punk version of The Smiths, Gold Class have released a minimalist clip complete with 80s style production to match their moody sound.  Off the back of the release of debut album It’s You and wave-making performances at BIGSOUND, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding these throwback heroes. The video really encapsulates the raw energy that these Melbournites perform with and featurs a stunning vocal performance from vocalist Adam Curley. You can almost feel those notes ripping right out of his throat.
Make sure to catch them in their upcoming extended tour with tickets available here.
Mini MansionsDouble Vision 
Dreamy rockers Mini Mansions have released a dystopian wonderland of a clip to preview the release of new single Double Vision (out November 23rd). The LA trio will be hitting our shores in November for a tour with the 2015-slaying Tame Impala, and hoping to follow in the footsteps of Australia’s favourite psychedelic sweethearts. The track features airy riffs and hazy, washed out vocals that will no doubt furnish the soundtrack of many a backyard summer session. The clip itself plays out as a strange battle between man and technology in a futuristic setting that evokes a Greg Araki film, featuring 90s technology and a whole lot of hair dye.
We look forward to catching a high energy set from these guys in the near future.