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GIANT CATS ATTACK CITY: Watch the TERRIFYING new Meow The Jewels clip

Meow The Jewels, the feline-friendly remix project of rap duo Run The Jewels, was finally released last week. The project, which had recruited artists including Just Blaze, Zola Jesus and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow to remix tracks from RTJ’s 2014 album Run The Jewels 2 using cat noises, is weird and wonderful in exactly the ways you might expect. The internet loves rap and the internet loves cats, so put together, it’s a dream come true.

Run The Jewels aren’t the type to half-ass anything, so of course, they’ve now released the first official video clip from the project. The video is for Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow) as remixed by Just Blaze.

The clip, directed by Hectah, is absolutely incredible. Watch as cats reign merciless terror upon a doomed city skyline; total havoc is wreaked; it’s a four-legged rampage. The hilariously amateur clip is one of the cutest things we’ve seen all year – complete with toy helicopters, police cars and fake news headlines.

The video’s description outlines the plot: “Cats are taking over the rap game, your favorite Run The Jewels songs, and now, a bustling metropolis near you. Will Just Blaze be able to keep his sanity amidst the chaos?”

Download Meow The Jewels for free here.

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