GIRLS RULE: Watch Kehlani, Leikeli47 & Little Simz perform at CMJ

CMJ Music Marathon is currently on in New York City, and we wish we were there – but we’ve settled for the online coverage, live streams and anything else we can get our hands on. The Fader Fort, run by website The Fader and shoe brand Converse, is happening right now – and they’ve featured some of our favourite rising R&B female stars. We’ve been keeping a close eye on all coverage, but this is hands down our favourite collection so far.

Kehlani is only a fairly recent addition to my musical repertoire, but I’ve fallen fast, and I’ve fallen hard. The rising R&B star has grabbed my attention with her seductive melodies, understated rhythms and unique, independent style. Check out this video of her writhing around stage, performing a spine-tingling version of The Way, with the help of two dancers.

Also performing on the day was Leikeli47, another artist I’ve only been really recently introduced to. She performed as a featured guest with our boi Skrillex, on the track Fuck the Summer (it’s actually her track originally, as opposed to featuring on one of Skrillex’s). Clad in a full balaclava, as has become her signature look, the rapper absolutely SLAYS in front of a heaving crowd.

Little Simz, who dropped her album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons, was also in tow – check out this incredible footage of her performing Dead Body. It’s heavy-hitting and so powerful, once again proving her to be one of the most exciting artists around right now – not just in UK hip hop, but the whole damn scene. For more on Little Simz, read our recent interview here.

There’s such a wonderful array of female R&B and hip hop artists around right now – genuine talents, too, not mass-produced crap. What a fucking time to be alive.