Watch a policeman break up a rap battle – by spitting his own verse

So. It’s about as cringe as you’re probably thinking. Over the weekend a group of teenagers were hanging out in Watergardens in Melbourne’s outer-west, casually engaging in a rap battle, when a police officer decided to throw his hat into the ring. That’s right. Just like a daggy Maths teacher trying to make trigonometry something you actually want to pay attention to,  Leading Senior Constable Scott Giles offered a short, battle-style rap (kinda) in an effort to break the crowd up.

“What I’m gonna have to do, is ask you to move on/’Cos if you don’t move on, police drop the bomb.”

The rap might have been particularly terrible, but we’re pretty sure that wasn’t the point of it. Giles earns some serious points for his approach to the situation – we’re just glad he’s decided against a career change. We’re not exactly sure what the crime being committed, but Giles and his colleagues reported that they actually had initially approached the large group because they believed a brawl was about to break out between the 50-odd teenagers. However, what is even more hilarious than the rapping police officer (which is apparently still a thing), is the explanation of a rap battle given by the 3AW DJs when the footage first surfaced on Saturday.

Props to the stuffy reporters trying to explain what a rap battle is. All we can say is lol.