Vince Staples thinks the 90’s get too much credit in hip hop

Vince Staples has once again set the Twitter world on fire, by denouncing the 90’s as a sub-standard era for rap. Pairing his opinions with some genuinely good points about the human condition, and how listeners typically gravitate towards music that best relates to their lifestyle, Staples vented his frustration at the credit the era receives.

In a new interview with TIME, Staples aired his frustration. “The ’90s get a lot of credit,” he said. “I don’t really know why… early 2000s is where its at.”

“Whatever you were watching or listening to when you were young is always going to be your favorite thing because it made you what you are today,” he said. “That’s always going to be something that you appreciate the most, so that’s everyone’s favorite era.” Staples was born in ’93, and says that Lil Bow Wow was the first hip-hop artist he ever listened to.

Tupac and Biggie were the staples of the ’90s, I think that’s why the get the Golden Era credit. There’s not a 50 Cent in the ’90s. They didn’t even have a Kanye.” As is the norm for vocal artists such as he, the interview opened up a dialogue on social media, with even Tyler, The Creator retweeting a post from Staples in support. Not everyone agreed with these statements, however. Noreaga, for instance, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, referring to Staples’ opinions as an “idiot statements” and retweeting many comments running in a similar vein to his own.


However, as fans and peers alike jumped in, Noreaga was quick to diffuse the situation before it even really started.

Whether you agree with Noreaga or Staples, both of them have brought up some pretty valid points. Yes, Noreaga is right in reaffirming 90’s hip hop most definitely has its place, but Staples was speaking about his own experience and what is more important to him. Regardless, both the 90’s and the 00’s have produced amazing artists, why can’t we have both?

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