“Tuesday” goes platinum

Platinum plaques used to be commonplace in the music business. Don’t believe me? Just look up how many albums Chingy has sold.

These days it would seem that a smash single is the only hope for any artist of realistically attaining platinum status. I Love Makonnen has just been granted his first ever platinum status, with Tuesday finally hitting the 1,000,000 mark.

Featuring none other than the 6 God himself, Drake, the track took the club scene by storm, and was a mainstay across the charts for a considerable period of time.

The feat was announced by none other than the mastermind behind the track, Metro Boomin, a production whiz who has been on a tear recently, producing the Drake and Future collaborative effort, What a Time to Be Alive.

It remains to be seen whether or not Makonnen will experience sales such as this again, but having recently signed to the OvO label, he has surrounded himself with the best possible talent to make that happen again. The pudgy hook aficionado needs to ride the Drizzy Drake coattails for as long as possible.

Keep gettin’ those cheques Makonnen. Who knows what’ll be coming next.