Top 10 Songs of This Week

There is something about the weather heating up that makes me really excited, and it could have something to do with the steadily increasing amount of new music we are now hearing as the year comes to an end. With everyone racing to get one final release in before the year is out, it can get hard to sift through all the new material. Thankfully, we’ve got you again and have put together the top 10 songs that you should, you MUST listen to from this week. Man, we’re good to you!

Jaala – Salt Shaker

This track actually came out last week, but I heard it this week so it technically falls into this category? Either way, there will be no argument of technicalities when you hear it, because from the first listen you’ll be just as hooked as I am. Jaala’s unique voice, the jangly chords and evocative lyrics will leave you begging for more.

Moonbase Commander – Southpaw

I’m calling it, Southpaw is a straight up banger. Sometimes bigger is better, and that is definitely the case with this one. Hard hitting, bouncing, bassy and down right dirty in all the right places, Moonbase Commander certainly knocked me for a six when I heard this track, and made me very sorry for missing him at BIGSOUND. I’m predicting big things to come from this guy!

Tourist Dollars – End of Times

An exercise in out to pull off guitar pop in fantastic fashion, Tourist Dollars have dropped a doozy in the form of End of Times. Vocals soar over the tight guitar melodies and jangly beats, the light cymbal work keeping it fresh as the harmonies swell and the track drives along. It’s an incredibly tight, solid track and one that has made Tourist Dollars one act I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Suiix – Alright

Fresh off from showcasing their music BIGSOUND last month, Sydney four piece Suiix have released Alright, a shimmering pop song with a unique flair. With warped noises and hard hitting drums, the echoing, dreamy vocals lay soft over the almost psychedelic track as it swells and blooms. However, it’s the chorus that really gets you. Sounding like a combination of Alpine and Ratatat, Suiix are onto something really good with Alright.

Spelles – Wild Heart

This track is utterly mesmerising. Steadily building, the track goes from delicate piano keys to a swirling, blooming masterpiece as more and more is added to the fray. Careful and considered, Spelles commands the instruments with her incredible voice; drums, strings, searing guitar and more slowly coming together in a graceful waltz. It’s a gorgeous song that takes leads from the likes of Florence + The Machine, but putting her in a league of her own.

Leisure – All Over You

Leisure are one of my favourite discoveries of this year, and this is their third single. Each one has spread like wildfire across the internet as soon as it’s released, and All Over You is no different. Laying down a solid groove, this New Zealand band know a thing or two about making good songs and their natural talents are fully on display yet again here. Soulful vocals, funky beats and sensual lyrics, Leisure have once again taken one step further to total global domination.

Mila J – Hotline Bling Bling

I won’t deny that Drake’s Hotline Bling has been my jam since it came out, so I am enjoying the steady stream of remixes that keep popping up all over the internet. Last week, we featured Erykah Badu’s rework in this very playlist, but now this week the crown must go to Mila J. A lot more downtempo than the original, Mila J’s distorted lyrics float above a bed of pounding, bouncy bass and skittering beats, providing a sexy, steamy alternative to the original.

Hermitude – Ukiyo (YUMO Remix)

Brisbane producer YUMO is the latest in a slew of producers and DJs to take on Hermitude’s Ukiyo. However, there is something about this one that really caught my attention. It’s groovy, slowed down, emotive and fun, and sees the producer completely in his element. This is definitely one of my favourites I’ve heard, and should make for a perfect introduction to the mellow, soulful world of YUMO. You’re welcome.

Slum Sociable – Paradigm

There is really no one else that sounds like Slum Sociable. I could try and draw comparisons but any such effort would be undermining the totally original, unique sounds they consistently offer up, and Paradigm only reiterates this. One of the most innovative acts in Australia right now, it’s really only a matter of time before these two really blow up – especially if they keep putting out songs like this one.

Raleigh Ritchie – Bad Place

There is more to Raleigh Ritchie than Game of Thrones, and this track shows that off in all it’s glory. Short and sweet at not even three minutes long, Bad Place is a thumping, cool-as-fuck track taken from the film Just Jim and is where we can really hear Ritchie in his element. This is a track for strutting down the street or driving with the windows down and the volume up LOUD.