Someone recreated Blink 182 recreated ‘What’s My Age Again’ on GTA V and it’s incredible

Someone with a little too much free time on their hands, and a lot of technical expertise with computer graphics, decided to repurpose Blink 182’s song What’s My Age Again into a new video, recreated in Grand Theft Auto V.

The video shows the main characters of GTA V – Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and the meth-addled Trevor Philips – running through the streets of Los Santos butt naked, shocking onlookers and running into unaware bystanders as they streak through the city and across a beach setting which strongly resembles Venice Beach.

The video culminates in the three characters running onto a military base, slapping down any army personnel who get in there way, and running onto an airstrip chased by a tank.

Managing to avoid the tank’s blasts at first, it eventually gets the better of them, running them over and finishing on the video on that oddly disturbing note. Presented in ultra-HD, the video gives startling details to the CGI characters and their surroundings – but all of the characters facial expressions remain weirdly fixed throughout the entire video.

One of Blink 182’s most iconic and revered videos, GTA V’s version of What’s My Age Again really ups the ante on the violence, which is unsurprising considering the incredibly vicious nature of the game. Meth-addict Trevor king hits unwitting pedestrians in broad daylight and the trio of psychopaths trample many sunbathers in their rampage through the beach.

The re-imagining was made using GTA V’s Rockstar Editor by a obviously very dedicated fan as an homage to both the game and the 1999 music video. Check out the original below for your own comparison.